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the first Lassiet community on LJ for an oft-forgotten OTP

[x] General Rules
- You must join the community before you can post.
- Read ALL of the rules before you post, and adhere to them at all times.
- Any and all profanity, graphic sexuality, etc. MUST be put behind a cut. Basically, if it's higher than PG, use a cut.
- Feel free to ask questions, make comments, and start discussions pertaining to the community.
- Remember to be courteous to the other members and to the mod(s). When in doubt, go with the Golden Rule.

[x] Fanfiction Rules
- All styles (drabble, songfic, multi-chapter, etc.) and genres (angst, drama, humor, etc.) of fanfiction are allowed.
- Rather obvious, but all fanfiction must have a Lassiter/Juliet storyline. Other pairings within the story alongside Lassiet is fine.
- Please put all fanfiction behind a cut, even drabbles.
- When putting up fanfiction, use the following format, followed by your cut:
Title: (whatever your title is)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Genres: (humor, romance, etc.)
Warnings: (as to spoilers, graphic violence, sensitive material, etc.)
Summary: (whatever your summary is)
Author's Notes: (anything you'd like to say to your readers; completely optional)

[x] Icon Rules
- Up to three icons may be posted without a cut. If you have more, you can use three as 'teasers' and cut to the rest.
- Again, obvious, but you have to have Lassiter/Juliet icons within your post. Other icons with those are fine, but please don't put up a post full of awesome icons without any of Lassie or Jules.
- Icons should adhere to Livejournal requirements (jpeg/gif/png, 40 kb, 100x100 px).
- If you're going to make a table for your icons, either make it right, or don't make it at all. Bad tables screw up friend pages, among others, and are just generally a pain for everyone involved.
- Any icons with potential offensive material should be put behind a cut with a warning.

[x] Other Rules
- Wallpapers, banners, friends only banners, videos, manips, fanart, fanmixes, and the like are considered 'other'.
- All wallpapers should be either 800x600 px or 1024x768 px, and should be behind a cut.
- One graphic up to 300x100 px may be posted without a cut; anything bigger or multiple graphics must be behind a cut. This includes fanart.
- And I repeat...Lassiet.
- Videos may be posted without a cut when imbedding from YouTube.
- As is with icons, anything with potential offensive material needs to have a warning and be behind a cut.
- Fanmixes are perfectly fine, but again, you may post up to a 300x100 teaser in front of a cut, but the fanmix itself needs to be behind one. (rule added 01/27/08, those posted before this date are fine as is)
- It is preferable for you to mention what you have behind your cut. =)

[x] Affiliates
- shawn_gus
- psych_tv

If anything comes up that I haven't anticipated, I'll update the rules as I go. If you have any questions, concerns, affiliation requests, or anything else you'd like to say to the mods, comment on the mod post. We'll respond as quickly as we can. Also, if anyone of those awesome layout-maker peoples wants to make a better layout for the community, since I admittedly know very little about LJ coding, please feel free to drop a comment about it.